So, what is Air Balancing?

When an HVAC system (Air, Water or Exhaust) is installed, it is not capable of delivering air in a "plug and play" fashion.  The supply fan has to be

tuned to deliver a designed volume to each installed diffuser.  This cannot happen without balancing. 

Air balancing is the calibration of changing an HVAC systems operation to meet the most optimal and energy friendly state it can and providing

each area within your facility with a more uniform temperature throughout.  In doing so, it also maintains the indoor air quality by setting the

outdoor air mixture to an engineered percentage.  This has to be done mainly because air and water are both the same as electricity.  It will

find the path of least resistance and flood that area.  It is lazy and doesn't want to go where it doesn't have to.   

HABCO will balance by using pre-installed dampers for air and valves for water to adjust flows to meet your requirements.  We have accumulated

many years of experience in this field and would like to offer it to you.  We have over 25 years of experience on facilities of all types. 

Plants, Offices, Hospitals, Schools, Labs, Restaurants, Prisons, and various colleges to name a few. 

Just remember, we are an independent balancing company that has no affiliation to the engineering teams, general contractors, mechanical

contractors, or the controls companies.  We only look out for you and your buildings HVAC systems.  We are your final line of defense before the

building is yours to fight with.  Let us be your final check on what maintains your buildings life - HVAC.

Services Offered